Okay, so to start, this was supposed to release last Friday, but Taylor was out and he needed to sign off on the information prior to releasing the update. He’s back, we’re back, let’s move forward.

While nothin much on the outside has been going on, we have been hard at work moving blocks around behind the scenes. To start, it can be announced that our first big game of 2024 has begun development. No news can be provided at this time about the game.

That actually brings us to the next point: networking. One of the most important parts of setting up the game is implementing a network because it will have online play. As such, we are working on an infrastructure that also brings new content to our forum and Discord in the form of badges. We have talked about it for several weeks, but we are actively working on our new rewards system. You’ll soon see early stages of the system, such as high scores on this site for the arcade series games.

That’s all for the Laughing Matter Studios side of this update, but we do want to point out that updates have been made to our CEO’s Twitch stream at: https://www.twitch.tv/taylorwwilsonw. You will now earn Nuka Cola Caps (a currency from the Fallout games), as the primary games he livestreams are from the Fallout series. Other games like Palworld have been streamed as well, and Taylor has been setting up more rewards on the channel. You can earn 300 caps for simply following the channel, and another 10 caps for every 5 minutes that you watch!

We will be launching the next weekly update on Friday, so this specific update being late will not interrupt the flow of the updates. See you all on Friday!