We closed out 2023 on a fantastic note! Last year proved to be a challenge on for several of our team members, but everyone pulled through and LMStudios is now doing better than ever before!

One of our own resolutions as a team is to push community engagement. We aren’t about just making content and tossing it to you. We want feedback. We want our community to thrive. A studio and it’s fanbase should be a symbiotic relationship. Thus, we are going to try (we’ll see how long it lasts) to push a news update right here on LMStudios.online every Friday this year. These won’t be more than one or two paragraphs, but they’ll be a good way to see what we’re working on throughout the year.

This past week was a little slower on the outside, but inside, we’ve been working on tweaking games. We’re about to reapply to Google as a developer so we can start getting games uploaded to the Play Store.

Pocket Slac-Man was released last week, but the controls were not complete, sprites undone, and the music was a simple placeholder. The power pellet also did not work. We’ve uploaded a patch that fixed the issues and the game is now complete. Pocket Slac-Man can now be played in-browser on any device right here on LMStudios.online, on the “Games” page.

That’s it for today. We’re out for the weekend, but you can still find out CEO Taylor on Twitch tomorrow and Sunday. See you guys next week!