Jumpy Manners is Live on Itch.io!

As previously announced, we have a new game for you guys! Our take on the classic, Flappy Bird, Jumpy Manners put’s you in control of Blue Dude from Table Manners and has you jumping rooftops to gather sodas!

Now, we do want to point out that there’s a few bugs that were not anticipated during launch. We are working on this as quickly as possible (buildings are too low, clouds too high in the background). Should have that fixed within a couple hours.

The game is currently only playable on Itch.io, as the embed is being very problematic and it’s only running on desktop. We believe this is an upload error, as the game is running on all devices outside of Itch, Below is a link to jump in and play, though!

Link: https://laughingmatterstudios.itch.io/jumpy-manners