Category: General News

  • Site Update

    We’re going to be doing some backend work on the website. There may be some visual oddities during this process as it related to the theme of the site, but everything will still be functional. This should only apply to today. We will update everyone if it will be taking longer.

  • Downtime

    We want apologize for an outage we experienced yesterday and part of today. Our host provider experienced an outage, and this of course meant we would be down. Everything appears to up again, though, and we’re back to work on optimizing the website for quicker speeds. We should be bring more Table Manners content this…

  • We’ve Got More Coming!

    We’re still bringing content over, and one of the biggest imports is the collection of Table Manners comic strips. We’ve got the strips on site, but need time to arrange them. We’re working on a short Table Manners game and expect to have it ready for release VERY soon. Aptly titled “Jumpy Manners,” this short…

  • Store Issue Resolved

    We had an issue where numerous products showed attribute drop-boxes that are meant for sorting, not to display product variations. We do apologize for this and have completed the fix. We’re another step closer to completing the site! And on top of that, we’ve added a plethora of products!

  • Store Issue

    This is not a major issue, and doesn’t affect much, but some products show a drop-down box for “Series” and “Product Type.” These do have to be filled in for you to be able to complete the purchase, but we are working on fixing this quickly.

  • Digital Product Issue Resolved

    We’ve resolved the issue in which customers would be charge for shipping on digital downloads in the store. Thank you kindly for your patience during his process! We will continue to build out and hope to be finished within the upcoming week!

  • Digital Products

    We are aware that purchase of Table Manners: Worm-Cation and That’s My Book!!! from our merch store is charging a flat rate of $5 for shipping. We are working on fixing this. Please note that the shipping is not refundable at this time, but we are working on this issue immediately.