So we’ve been hard at work maintaining the website, deving arcade games, and firing the animation department again, but we wanted to drop a few quick updates!

First up on the list is that the next arcade game is an Incursia take on the classic Asteroids arcade game. You’ll be a miner piloting a small craft and you’re goal is simple to shoot asteroids so that secondary craft can come in and collect resources. We have completed the first zone and all mechanics and are now working on some brief story to the game (these short scenes are 100% skippable). We will have the game out before Christmas and it may receive updated content in the future.

We’re behind on getting the first major update added to Wheelie Manners. We’ve had many setbacks during the Asteroids buildout (harder to recreate than you’d think). Fortunately, the update is nearly complete. Bear with us on this one.

Last year, a script was done for a short film staring Collin Williams from Incursia. We’re looking into pulling this out of the archive and continuing to animate now that we’ve adopted Unreal 5 as a gaming AND animating software.

There are no updates yet on the Shadows of Verdara novella, but the game is about to be pulled from the archive. It was completed and would be released alongside the novella, but we’ve decided to rework a few things in the game to make it better! It may release standalone without the novella.

In terms of the Shadows of Verdara novella, Taylor has expressed concern that the story does not currently hold up to Incursia standards. There are many sections that need to be re-written, but due to our advancement in the gaming department, all resources are tied up, including time.

That’s all for today, but you’ll hear from the studio soon! Don’t forget to join our forum and Discord!


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