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You awaken in your home. The only sounds in the night are rain drops pounding on the roof of your dwelling…and the wretched hissing of invading trappers. You hope to find other survivors, but regardless, you need to escape the walls of Outpost V-I and travel to V-II. The night is going nowhere. Verdarian storms never cease. You have no options. Survive.

Shadows of Verdara is the second video game set in Laughing Matter Studios’ (LMStudios) Incursia series. The game was meant to release side-by-side with a novella of the same name, but due to project scheduling, both releases were put on a heavy hold. With no due date in sight, it was decided that the video game was to be released in it’s current state as a demo on for free. This would allow the studio to gather information on what should be added/removed through community feedback.

Download Shadows of Verdara:

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