Meet the Crew!!!


Taylor is our founder’s animated persona within the Table Manners universe, and thus, he leads the cast as the head of the in-universe version of Laughing Matter Studios. During the earlier days of Table Manners, he was usually dumbed down, but following the 50th comic strip, his character was changed to be slightly more serious, though still immature more often than not. Taylor served as a background antagonist in Table Manners: Worm-Cation, being the reason giant worms were initially realized on Hope Island as a prank.


Chris is Taylor’s best friend and right-hand at the restaurant in Table Manners. Chris was absent for the first 20 Table Manners comic strips, but then brought in as a full-time character. He can be as immature as Taylor, but is seen trying to fix Taylor’s muck-ups on numerous occasions. Chris starred side-by-side with Taylor in the first two episodes of Table Manners: Appetizers, a super-short vertically formatted series released on several social media websites.

Old Man JJ

Old Man JJ is a character who tends to hang around the Table Manners restaurant.

Fifth Wheel

The loud-mouth, profane-slinging tire was coined after Taylor found himself hanging with two of his friends whose girlfriends started joining the trios’ adventures ten years ago. Fifth Wheel is often being pranked by Taylor and Chris, but proudly cements his position of being above Pencil and Blue Dude (as well as other recurring characters). Fifth Wheel finally starred in his own game called “Wheely Manners,” the second game of an arcade series that Laughing Matter Studios began releasing at the end of 2023.

Blue Dude

Blue Dude is a personal favorite of our founder after he was created when Taylor was ten years old. The character originally wasa planned to have his own series (a comic was started at one point), but after nearly twenty years, the character was finally inducted into the Table Manners comic strip. Blue starred in the third Laughing Matter Studios game “Jumpy Manners,” the studios’ take on the classic “Flappy Bird” game.


Pencil is the innocent character in the series, which often leads to other characters being surprised when he pops off from too many of the crews’ pranks.


Spider is one of the favorite background characters of the series. He’s consistently harassed indirectly by the daily shenanigans of the rest of the cast.

Hippo T. Amus