Knights of Belmont CHaracters

Sir Dave

One of the leading protagonists, Dave joined the King’s Knights for the free booze at the Belmont Abbey, along with his colleague, Sir George. Dave is often the more serious of the duo, frequently sighing at the outrageous and not-so-funny puns spoken by George.

Sir George

When he’s not questin’, he’s a-boozin’. George was the one who urged his fellow Knight, Sir Dave, into joing the King’s Knight’s in Belmont City. He goes nowhere without his best friend and is known for his incessant dad jokes, as well as his inability to mind his tongue.

Lord Pyrator

The antagonist of Knights of Belmont, Pyrator is an evil wizard living to the east of the Kingdom of Belmont. He is well-versed in a multitude of magic spells and will stop at nothing to achieve his desires.

King Kingsley

Kingsley is a tired, old man. While the jury is indecisive on whether he is still fit to be a king, Kingsley continues to rule, despite dealing with the shenanigans of two of his knights that have somehow proven to be his best.

Princess Prin


Bart runs the Belmont Abbey, the number one drinking hole in Belmont City. He is young, but wise, being the go-to for advise by all of his patrons. However, his top-two customers are knights that never have to pay him a dime, being a severe blow to his sales.

Dungeon Dragon

The dragon guards the dungeon just to the east of Belmont City.


A wise sorceress, Uma has created three challenges searching for a hero who will rescue the Kingdom of Belmont from the diabolical Mortag Doom. But her search may soon be over.