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Short Stories

Dark Matters: Aeris Heist

The Harkins family, along with a close family friend, are taking a personal family vacation on Aeris. Things don’t go as planned.

Dark Matters: Dark Below

Taking place over a year before the events of Dark Matter: Code Red, something has stirred beneath the surface of the Earth-like planet, Terra. The seaside caves of a small town have been reported to be haunted. The Intergalactic Alliance has dispatched a band of Agents to uncover whether or not this disturbance is related to the Industry. What chaos awaits in the dark below?

Dark Matters: A City In Peril

Ben Riley and Raine Harolds have been called to the jungle planet, Xerofia. Saltu City, the planet’s ancient capital, in under threat from an inevitable volcanic eruption. To make things worse, there may be an individual responsible for the sudden activity. Two Knights are in for rough fight!

Dark Matters: Escape Plan

After the event’s of “Aeris Heist,” Malcolm McGoy has been transported to the Aura City Prison on Alpha Prime. After running into several familiar faces, Malcolm will have to devise a plan to get out of one of the highest security prisons that the Alliance has to offer.

Dark Matters: Exile

Too powerful for his own good, Collin Williams has been stripped of his alias, Dark Matter, and sent into exile on Earth. He can no longer be a hero, and any vigilantism could lead to a treaty being broken between the Intergalactic Alliance and the Industry. Can he come to terms with this new life? Or will Collin be willing to risk breaking the treaty?

Dark Matters: Up In Smoke

Blake Kraniks is a fire-wielding mutant mercenary on a mission to the planet Regis. After being stabbed in the back, Agent Raymond Pearson steps in to go after Blake’s new target. Being on different sides of the law, will the duo be able to work together and take down a crime lord?